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Alain Delon is a French actor that viewers of classic and international films may recognize from his many roles in popular features from his home country, as well as the handful of American films that the actor has starred in. The actor has starred in a number of iconic French features, including The Leopard and Purple Noon. Despite the fact that some of Alain’s many French features performed well stateside, as well as the fact that Alain eventually received a Hollywood contract with MGM, the actor has never become as big of an icon in America as he has been in France.

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Alain had been born to parents living in a wealthy French suburb, though they divorced when Alain was young and sent him to live with foster parents afterward. When his foster parents died, Alain’s birth parents tried sharing custody over the boy for a period of time before giving up and sending him to a Catholic boarding school. It was at this Catholic boarding school that Alain developed a penchant for misbehaving that would see him expelled from various institutions before eventually dropping out at the age of 14.

After dropping out of school, Alain worked in his stepfather’s butcher shop before eventually deciding to join the French Navy. While serving in the French Navy, Alain didn’t act much more responsibly than he had acted at school. He was reprimanded many times before finally being dishonorably discharged after four years of service. Alain eventually decided that he wanted to act, and kept acting until suffering a stroke in 2019. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at how, today, Alain Delon’s life is utterly depressing.

Today, Alain Delon’s Life Is Utterly Depressing

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